March 2017 - The Rhema Foundation Canada

10 Years of Change: Derrick’s Story

Posted: March 11th, 2017 in Articles

While The Rhema Foundation Canada has spent a great deal of time and energy tackling pressing issues in countries such as Afghanistan and Malawi, the organization has never failed to acknowledge the ongoing need for change here at home. Indeed, The Rhema Foundation strives to ensure that its presence in the local community is just as impactful as it is abroad. In keeping with its mission to change and affect lives one day at a time, one life at a …

10 Years of Change: Nutrition in Afghanistan

Posted: March 11th, 2017 in Articles

The second installment of our ‘10 Years of Change‘ series follows The Rhema Foundation Canada’s work in with women and children in the nation of Afghanistan. Like the organization’s work in Malawi, the project was also carried out in partnership with the incredible World Vision team. In Afghanistan, malnutrition and food insecurity are ongoing and enduring issues that affect millions across the country. In fact, the World Food Programme has estimated that approximately 9.6 million people …

10 Years of Change: Microloans in Malawi

Posted: March 5th, 2017 in Articles

March 2017 marks The Rhema Foundation Canada’s 10th anniversary. In honour of this special occasion, we will be sharing 10 stories highlighting some of our biggest accomplishments and proudest moments from the past decade. These stories will not only showcase the difference that charity can make in the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized, but they will also demonstrate the need for ongoing support. Just like the chapters in a book, The Rhema Foundation’s story continues …